3 Ways To Make Bread When the Power is Out

ep_20featWhen stocking up provisions, some of the most popular items are basic food ingredients, such as flour, sugar, salt etc. They are very compact and dense, they offer a wide variety of choices when cooking them and some of them can last for very long periods. However, the downside is that most foods you can make also require appliances that use energy. Knowing how to bake some basic foods, such as bread, without requiring electricity could be a very useful skill, especially in a SHTF scenario. If a disaster happens and the power is out, you want to make sure you have some backup. You won’t be able to go on the internet and look for solutions afterwards.

As long as you can get a fire going, making bread shouldn’t be an issue. Actually, you’ve got options. Basically, all you need in order to fry, boil or bake some dough is a fire.

Frying It

ep_20.3Donuts are basically fried bread and sugar. Mix the dough according to the recipe you are following. After you let it rise, split it into two large pieces and pat them until they are ½ inch thick. Let them rise until they’ve reached a full inch.

While the dough is rising, build the fire and heat up your pan and oil. When it is ready, put it in the pan and flip it once it gets brown on the bottom. Simply drain excess oil when you are done and enjoy.


Boiling it

ep_20.4Basically, by boiling and then baking bread, you get bagels. Form the dough into the bagel shape and let it rise. Build your fire while you are waiting and start heating a pot of water. Slip the dough into the water once it has doubled in size and the water is boiling rapidly. Wait for it to harden, remove and let it dry. You can greatly improve the taste by frying it in a lightly oiled skillet.


Baking it

ep_20.5You don’t need an actual oven to bake bread. All it takes is to heat the dough from above and below. Some outdoor grills can do this anyway since they have a cover. Otherwise you can improvise a bucket to capture the heat going up and return it towards the dough. Make sure the bread gets equal amounts of heat from both sides. Don’t place it too close to the fire. You can improvise a makeshift oven. Place the pan on some warm coals. Cover it with the lid, some baking sheet or even another pan. Cover the top with some warm coals so you’ll have two heat sources.

Do yourself a favor and try these ideas a couple of times before you actually need to. Everybody stocks up on basic pastry ingredients when making provisions for TEOTWAWKI. It doesn’t do you much good to have such provisions if you can’t cook them into edible food.





How do you cook off the grid? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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