9 Ways to Remove a Splinter

hl_14featSplinters are very painful and can be difficult to remove. They happen all the time, especially to people who do a lot of work with their hands, use tools or work a lot with wood. Some of them could even get infected if left unaddressed. The tweezers are the most common solution. However, they often lead to the splinter going even deeper and worsen the whole situation. There are some alternatives out there that could ease the whole process.

Bacon fat


Cut a very small piece of white fat and secure it directly on the splinter. You can use band aid so it sticks. Leave it over night and by morning, the fat would’ve already drawn out the splinter from the skin.




Hydrogen peroxide

hl_14.4Pour some hydrogen peroxide in a bowl or a glass. Sink the affected area into the bowl and leave it for a few minutes. The splinter should be drawn out shortly.





hl_14.5Cut a fresh onion slice and tape it to the affected area. If you leave it over night, the splinter will be drawn closer to the skin surface and it will be easier to remove.




Epsom Salt

hl_14.6Pour Epsom salt in a bowl or a glass and let it soak until the splinter is drawn out.





Hot water

hl_14.7Fill a bottle, jar or appropriate container with hot water. Place affected area over the opening so it covers it completely. Because of the steam and suction applied by your hand, the splinter will be drawn out in no time.




Clear nail polish

hl_14.8You can also apply clear nail polish over the splinter and let it dry. Then peel it off in the opposite direction of the splinter and it will come out nicely.




Essential Oils

hl_14.9Some essential oils can be applied directly to the skin without having to mix them with a carrier oil. You can use lavender or clove essential oil to remove splinters. Pour a few drops on the affected area. The skin will swell and push out the splinter.




Castor Oil

hl_14.10Castor oil can also be sued to remove splinter. Apply some on the affected area and rub it. Cover it with band aid or something similar and leave it over night. This will soften the skin a lot and it will make it easier for you to remove the splinter.





hl_14.11Cut a small piece of tomato and apply on the splinter. Use a band aid or something similar to secure it and leave over night. This should draw the splinter out while you sleep.





Splinters can be a real nuisance. Should you get one in a finger or on your hands, they could greatly hamper your ability to do things. It is very useful to be aware of other options if you ever need them. You might not always have tweezers with you and there are better alternatives out there.





Do you experience splinters often? How do you remove them? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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