When to File For Bankruptcy

May 9, 2014

As it has happened to many Americans, you’re in the throes of the worst financial breakdown that has ever struck you. You’ve sought expert advice and did all that you could do to break out of this dilemma, but everything was in vain, an exercise in sheer futility. Things have come to such a pass, that you don’t even have a piece of straw to clutch at. You’re so much…


Processed versus natural: the differences are frightening

May 7, 2014

The food that you can buy in a modern supermarket is just a pale copy of the natural food that it tries to imitate. Look beyond the fancy packaging and you will find just traces of the natural ingredients that particular food should contain. It’s mostly a mix of non-nutritious chemicals and processed natural ingredients that, at the end of the day, will endanger your health. The most alarming difference…


How to Survive when an Earthquake Hits

May 7, 2014

Just the term “earthquake” can cause a fear reaction in many people, particularly those that have already been through one. When the ground starts trembling and buildings begin shaking, it is one of the most horrifying experiences imaginable. An earthquake is known by several names including a tremor, a temblor or even just the shortened version of the full word called a “quake.” Although an earthquake can occur virtually anywhere,…


Be Prepared When The Financial Storm Hits You!

May 5, 2014

All of us have experienced a purely temporary financial crisis at some time or other. Such a situation can be readily overcome by going easy on discretionary spending on factors such as impulse buying and entertainment. This means that after a few paychecks, you’re back to normal. However, it is dangerous to treat a severe personal economic crisis, in the same way. A serious financial crisis needs much more than a…