Best Protection Equipment for Survival Situations

ep_26featThere may come times in which you will need to protect yourself from possible dangers, such as a terrorist attack, a mass shooting, a robbery or other types of situations.

It is highly important to have the right protection equipment and to understand their utility as they might be the ones saving your life. The most important parts of the body that you need to protect are the head and the chest, as they keep inside our most valuable assets: our brain and our heart.

Head Protection

ep_26.3You have undoubtedly seen the hard hats that are designed to protect the wearer against injury to the head. Constructors and firemen usually wear them. However, having one can only benefit you as they are not created to serve a certain issue. They come in different types and hardness and provide protection against impact from above or laterally, as well as providing varying levels of protection against electrical contact.

Eye Protection

ep_26.5Protective eyewear can range from safety glasses to goggles, masks and face shields. If you are part of a mass shooting, a lot of things can happen that can harm your eyes. The same goes for any survival situation. Things have a tendency of flying around and harming everything they get in contact with. Safety glasses with side shields provide the best impact protection against flying objects while well-fitting safety goggles give protection against dust and debris in the air.

Hearing Protection

ep_26.4Exposure to loud noise can lead to hearing loss. Moreover, you can agree that, for example, in a mass shooting, there is a lot of noise going on. You can choose ear plugs, generally made of soft foam that fits right into the ear canal, semi-insert plugs, or ear bands, with reusable plugs mounted on a rigid headband to hold them in place. Moreover, ear muffs are another good choice as they thoroughly cover each ear.

Hand Protection

ep_26.5Your hands are also tremendously valuable as they are highly important in developing any activity. This makes protecting them a priority. Protective gloves come in many different types and are made to serve many different hazards. For example, chemical protective gloves are available to provide protection against exposure to many different chemicals. There are also protective gloves designed to protect against abrasion, cuts and punctures while others can protect against extreme heat and cold. You can choose whatever gloves you want as long as you consider them to be the right choice for you.

Breathing Protection

ep_26.6There are many types of breathing protection available, ranging from simple dust masks designed to filter out airborne particulates, to chemical canister respirators and even supplied air breathing apparatus used where oxygen levels are low or toxic gases are present. You will definitely need one of those if you are in a fire or a very dusty place.



Feet Protection

ep_26.7Safety footwear comes in various types designed to protect against a range of hazards. Impact and crash resistance along with puncture resistance for the sole and sides of the footwear can be essential requirements. Other safety features may include protection against electrical contact, slip resistance, ankle protection and even cut resistance. It is best if you choose to wear the most resistant pair of shoes, just to make sure that you will be safe no matter the situation.

Home Protection

ep_26.8Your home also needs protection. It is highly important that you secure your house in every possible way. Make sure that you choose a home security system that uses motion detectors as well as arms all windows and doors that could provide access.

Never leave your door and windows unlocked. Furthermore, consider using locks that have an internal anti-saw pin that makes it difficult for anyone to saw through the bolt with a hacksaw. Also, some locks come with an anti-drill feature using hardened steel chips inside the lock that will destroy a drill bit in case someone tries to drill through the lock.

Windows should be attached to a home security alarm and have locks that operate from the inside so they can be used for escape. Windows can also be made stronger and safer by coating them with an impact-resistant film.

These are some of the most important measures that you can take to be as safe as possible. Always remember that it is best to be prepared as you never know what could happen.





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