DIY Reviving Old Wood Furniture

diy_39featAre you looking for a DIY solution to revive wooden objects? Here’s a simple solution to bring back the looks in old wood. You can easily use this on anything from door frames to furniture or wooden tools. There are plenty of solutions out there, however most of them just offer a new look until they dry out. They typically last long enough to take a picture before going back to showing its age. This solution will last for years. It’s easy and cheap to make so you can apply it multiple times.

STEP 1: Materials required

Pick a type of oil that won’t go rancid. Some of the best are made from hemp or walnuts among many other sources.

Get some vinegar. Make sure you use white, apple cider or something similar.

STEP 2: Mix them together

Mix three parts of oil with one part of vinegar. For instance, three quarters of a batch will be oil and one quarter vinegar. It doesn’t really matter how much you are making as long as you keep these measures.

Mix them in a jar that also fits your hand.

STEP 3: Apply to wood

Dip a clean cloth into the jar and use it to apply the solution on the wood. Don’t worry about wiping it afterwards as the wood will soak it in.

diy_39.3This will help you bring out the best in wood in a cheap and very effective way. I already used it on a few things around the house and took pictures before and after reviving them.

Here are two croquet mallets of similar age, wear and tear. Obviously the one on the right that looks much better is the one that received the treatment. Before, it looked identical to the one on the left.

diy_39.4diy_39.5Here’s a very nice wooden dresser that has seen better days. This piece of furniture is almost 100 years old and it’s made from solid wood. It was custom made by the hands of a craftsmen and it still has the original tag and mirror. Apart for some areas of dried out wood and some minor water damage, the dresser was in mint condition anyway, especially considering its age. Notice the marks on the lower drawer in the picture.

I applied nothing but the oil and vinegar solution and it looks brand new. This is the exact same sport on the same dresser and I didn’t use anything else on it. After I took the initial picture and applied the fix, I left it for a while so it dries out. The second picture was taken after about one month. The coating was completely dry in a few days and the dresser regained its rich and beautiful look.


I also applied the solution to a pair of end tables. These tables also require refurbishing. You can still notice scratches and water damage after applying the coating, however it still made them look a lot better. Obviously the one on the left is how both of them looked before and the one on the right is after applying the treatment.


I found out on my own that it works best on old wood that had dried out. Try to avoid wooden pieces that have a glossy finish. Also, it isn’t particularly effective in treating water damage. I applied this to just about any wooden piece that came my way ever since I found out about it. I have yet to use it on wooden floors. However, judging from the results so far, I think it would do a great job.





Have you got any old pieces of wooden furniture that could use a revival? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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