How To Survive An Ambush

ep_19featIn a post-SHTF world, many things that rarely happen now in most parts of the country will become everyday occurrences, and as much as we may try to prepare, reality will always be one step ahead of our plans. This is most evident when it comes to ambushes, which are very intense and risky situations in which if you ever get yourself involved in, there are many variables that can make them impossible to map out in advance.

What many people don’t know about ambushes is that there are two types: short and long ambushes:

Short ambushes

ep_19.3These fit in the same category as road blocks , and they happen at close range. The aim of such actions is to steal whatever is to be stolen from the victim as quick as possible. Generally such short ambush situations are less dangerous than long ones, however there is an increased possibility that gunshots will be fired as to scare the victims into submission. And while in most cases it is better to try and avoid conflict, in this case it is better to fight back if you have a firearm, but only if you are wearing the proper body armor.

This will obviously increase your chances of survival, but will also give you much-needed confidence. However, never, ever get over-confident about bullet proof vests, as they will never be 100% safe, and in close range they will not be very helpful. An edged or spiked weapon may be more practical should the attackers get too close to you, and trust me, it can cause a lot of damage if used quickly and properly. Having some form of additional spiked or edge weapon to compliment your bullet proof vest is recommended should you ever get into the unfortunate situation of an ambush, because it will increase your chances of getting out of it alive.

Long ambushes

These are typically meant to harass and scare the victim, therefore they are carried out from a larger distance, which at first glance may make them easier to escape from. However, should an exchange of fire ensue, you will need a higher caliber weapon in order to fight back. And most people would choose not to fight back since the attacker is further away, and will try simply to escape. If you have a bullet-proof vest that may be an option, but only if it is a Level IV type vest. This is meant to protect people against ammunition which is used in rifles and automatic weapons and also against armor-piercing rounds. You need to keep a high degree of mobility though in the event of a long ambush, and the larger size of the Level IV type vest might seem like a hindrance. However, the rigid plates used by this type of body armor are made out of lightweight materials, and therefore will not constitute an obstacle should you need to quickly escape a long range ambush situation.

ep_19.4If you still would not feel safe enough wearing this type of armor, you can try the overt body armor. This is a lightweight yet very useful body armor in the form of worn over clothing that can be equipped with protection for the upper arm, neck, throat and groin. If you are in a situation in which you do not need the highest level of protection and you want to emphasize on mobility, this type of lightweight body armor is your best choice. Getting caught in an ambush is something that should be avoided at all costs, because no matter how much you prepare for such a possibility, there is never any guarantee that you will escape. If there is too much uncertainty and the attacker is not intent on killing you, it is sometimes better to give in, especially if it is a short ambush. I know that this sounds discouraging, but I don’t want you to make deadly mistakes because you were being over-confident about your preparedness. That being said, it is better to have some sort of body armor than to have none at all. But always keep in mind that nothing is ever certain about such situations.





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