My Disturbing Secret Helped My Little Town Pay Cents For ALL Energy Bills


In our society nowadays, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer, as they say. That is why energy companies are worth billions in profits, while decent citizens like me or you mostly work long hours just to cover food and home expenses…

But thanks to my amazing discovery, I cut my energy bill with more than 75%, literally paying cents on my monthly energy bill, though before I had to pay hundreds of dollars a month (I have 3 kids and a big house).

My amazing trick was building an energy generator thanks to a hidden original Tesla’s blueprint my son found by accident on Wikileaks.

When I’ve found out how crazy simple is to build the generator and saw the results, I didn’t keep it to myself. I’ve presented my discovery to all my friends and neighbors – so now my entire TOWN pays cents for energy, to the point it became suspicious… but the greedy fat cats can’t do a thing against us, as the generator is completely safe and legal.

My family saves this money for our children education and for our own retirement – we have a steady flow of cash since we’re not ripped off anymore by Big Energy power cartels.

WikiLeaks Suppressed Informatione_10_1

Here’s the facts: when my elder son discovered a WikiLeaks suppressed file about Tesla’s energy generator, I had my doubts. How come a generator so easy to build could power over 80% of our home? If this is so simple and miraculous, why isn’t this amazing discovery widely available?

After all, other Tesla’s discoveries were patented and changed the world… Turns out, this was against some billion dollars’ worth of corrupt interests…

But when I tried to build the generator for myself, I had the proof that this is actually working – with my own eyes.

It only took me one hour or so to build it, and mind you, I’m not an electrician, just a simple elderly man who does do-it-yourself stuff from time to time, for killing time… but this time my hobby turned out to be the best decision of my life.

Look at this video and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about:


If you want to see the step-by-step plan for building it, you HAVE to check out this strange presentation. And believe me, everyone can build it very easily… Even my neighbor, a 70 year old lady did it for herself!

This free broadcast can and will save you thousands of dollars in a long run if you have one hour to spare in building this crazy-simple device…



Please share it with anyone interested! Let’s save the world from monopolists!

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