Raise Yourself from That Financial Collapse

A few years ago a story appeared in the prestigious USA Today about a person named Curtis McKenzie of Tulsa, Okla.

He had a good job going, with an annual salary of $60,000, working at a technology firm. One day to his utter consternation, he was laid off without warning.

He looked for various jobs and the ones he found were not even enough to pay his bills. With such a well-paid job he used to have at first, he had built a lifestyle that was in tune with his income.

They were avid football fans and used to go out to watch their favorite team at play, but they don’t do it anymore.

Football means spending cash on gas, snacks and beer. They have even stopped visiting their friends.

New York Times had a similar story about Tammy Linville of Louisville, Ky. Losing her job with the U.S Census Bureau was a traumatic event for her, and it made her sink into the worst depression that she had ever experienced in her whole life.

She began to see a therapist with the help of Medicaid. Soon afterwards, she could not keep up the appointments anymore because her automobile had broken down and she didn’t have the funds to fix it.


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