Survival Preparedness: Prepping Blind Spots

You surely know what a blind spot refers to. It is most commonly known in the context of driving your car and it represents the space you cannot see between what your side mirror shows and your peripheral vision. This is a danger to you as well as the other driver on the road.

For preppers, the blind spot manifests in a similar fashion. We keep an eye on the threats behind us and to our rear, but if we don’t keep looking around, disaster can be waiting for us in our blind spot. You need to realize the fact that just because you don’t see a threat in front of you, it doesn’t mean you are completely safe.

What Are Your Prepping Blind Spots?

In a survival scenario, you create your own blind spots. They simply represent a reflection of your beliefs. This is why it is highly important to take into consideration all the factors and not take anything for granted.

1. „I have enough supplies to last me forever”.

The truth is, you don’t. Whether you like it or not, you cannot possibly have everythig you need to last forever, as much as you have prepared. No matter how much you stock up, supplies will run out at some point. This is why is tremendously important to be aware of this fact from the beginning and add in your bug out bag items that will help you restock after your supplies run out. And by items I mean scissors, knives, ropes, cans, traps and so on. These will help you hunt and store food after you run out of yours.

2. „My bug out bag is all I need to escape anything”.

Bug out bags are indeed, very important survival tools. Properly sourced with the right essentials by someone who can carry that gear the distance and who knows how to use the contents, makes the bug out bag a huge advantage if you are forced to leave your home. On the other hand, just because you own such a bag does not make you invincible. What if you lose it or are forced to leave it behind? What do you do then? In order to survive such a situation, you need to have some skills prepared. In other words, you need to be able to hunt, hide, build a shelter out of anything that you find, use your bare hands, adapt to critical weather conditions and so on.

3. „I will be able to stay in my home forever”.

We would all like that, wouldn’t we? However, things are not always like that. Even though there are many advantages to being in a known location, there could come times in which you will find yourself forced to seek shelter in another place. What if your house is the subject of a mass shooting? Or a tornado tears it apart? Or it’s the subject of a fire? You need to be prepared for anything. This means that you need to find other places to seek safety, as a back-up plan.

4. „Living without power won’t affect me”.

Don’t ever live with this thought in mind. A world without power would be hell for a long time and simply comparing it to going camping is missing a much larger reality. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of electricity. Even though it is crucial that you know how to survive without it, don’t take advantage of that.

These are some of the biggest blind spots. It is important that you understand the benefits of not having any of them. Don’t cut yourself out of the picture. Take into consideration all the possibilities, even when you know that they are less likely to happen. It is easier to be prepared for anything, than to be surprised by everything.






What other blind spots are you aware of? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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