The Truth Behind the Brussels Attacks

belgium attack featAnother terrorist attack took place on 22nd of March, in Brussels, Belgium. This is another proof of the fact that we live dangerous times. There were two explosions at the Brussels airport and another one at a busy subway station. 30 people died and other 230 were wounded.

Now, I cannot help but wonder…

How many people need to be slaughtered so that we understand that Islam is NOT a “religion of peace”? How many people need to be killed, tortured and kidnapped so that we understand that Islam has violence issues? Why do we have to let these things happen and lie to ourselves by thinking these far fetched theories that state that Islam is not as bad as we think it is?

There are people out there who want to reduce terror, but putting a filter on your profile photo and starting a sympathetic hash tag on the social media is NOT going to be the solution!

The only thing that is going to reduce terror is acknowledging its route ideology: Islam is a belief system, not a race! In the last 30 days, there have been 23 Islamic attacks in 22 countries: 1018 people were killed, 2008 people injured.

However, the usual suspects such as George Galloway immediately tried to take the blame off Islam by pointing to forum policy. Even though the West’s policy and army Jihadist in Libya and Syria was a disaster, Brussels suspended their bombing campaign against ISIS 8 months ago! Belgium hardly has any reputation for being a murderer empire. This blame put on the forum policy exists simply because it is easier than to accept the fact that Islam has a violence issue going on.

Who did some on the left blame for the Brussels attack? Donald Trump. And why is that? Because he may have said mean things that offended the poor terrorists. Donald Trump named Belgium’s capital a “Jihadist hell hole” and he said that there is something wrong going on there a few months ago.

Forum policy, Donald Trump, even climate change, the left will search for any excuse to avoid having to face the ugly truth: that the Islam is not a “religion of peace”. How many times will violent Islamists have to prove this before anything changes?

Islam needs a reformation. By immediately labeling anyone who makes this argument a racist or an Islamophobe, you are preventing that reformation from happening! You are allowing extremists to dominate the conversation as the smart and sensible people, including Muslim reformers, are being intimidated into silence!

We truly need to understand that opening the borders into welcoming multiculturalism simply doesn’t work all the time. Not when the result is terrorist attacks, mass shooting, robberies and kidnaps! How many attacks in major cities do we have to face in order to understand that it doesn’t work? 

Now, let me give you some details regarding the attack that took place in Brussels.

suspectsApparently, three men standing side by side are the main suspects of the attack. Two of them wore black clothing and are believed to have been suicide bombers who died in the explosions in the airport’s departure lounge.

The third one, who wore light-colored clothing, is believed to have planted a bomb at the airport and after that, left. Authorities called him a wanted man and asked for the public’s help to track him down.

“The third man left a bomb in the airport, but it didn’t explode. … And we are now looking for this guy,” Belgium’s Interior Minister Jan Jambon said.

The three suspects arrived at the airport in a taxi. The driver contacted the authorities after seeing the footage and gave them the address where he picked the men up. They went to the address and found a nail bomb, chemical products and an ISIS flag.

mapsOne of the two explosions that took place at the airport happened outside security checkpoints for ticketed passengers and near the airline check-in counters.

The subway station blast happened about an hour later in the Brussels district of Maelbeek, near the European Quarter, where European Union institutions are based.

It is believed that Belgium has been sitting on a ticking time bomb, given all those who have traveled from Europe to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS, then possibly came back home.

The second blast inside the airport blew out windows, created a lot of smoke and caused some parts of the ceiling to fall.

“People were on the floor,” Versele said

Anthony Barrett saw wounded people being carried out on stretchers and luggage carts as he watched from his hotel across from the terminal building.

“I could see people fleeing,” he said.

This attack came just a few days after investigators closed in on Europe’s most wanted man, Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam, who was hiding in a Brussels suburb.

The current assumption is that the attackers came from the network behind November’s massacres in Paris. ISIS claimed responsibility for both attacks.

Another key element is the explosives used in the bombings. French prosecutors say that the bombs ISIS used in its November attacks in Paris were made from triacetone triperoxide (TATP). If it turns out that the bombs in Brussels were made from the same ingredient, it would link the two attacks immediately.

TATP bombs are built using a common household ingredient named hydrogen peroxide, which is usually used to bleach hair. This kind of bombs have been a signature of jihadist terrorists in the West for more than a decade as the materials are tremendously easy to acquire, unlike military-grade explosives, which are tightly controlled.

What is tricky regarding TATP bombs is that they are quite difficult to make because their ingredients, when combined, are highly unstable and can explode any time if mishandled. In order to make an effective TATP bomb, you need to be well trained.

As the wounded people are being treated and authorities search for suspects, the key question is still in the air: Could the attacks have something to do with Abdeslam’s arrest?

After all of this happened, the home of NATO and the capital of the European Union, leaders inside Belgium vowed not to back down from the fight against terror. They also declared three days of national mourning.

“To those who have chosen to be barbarous enemies of freedom, democracy and fundamental values … we remain united as one. We are determined to defend our freedoms and to protect our liberties.” Michel said.

Now that you know all of the details regarding this attack, you can reach the same conclusion: that there is no way anything good can come out of these attacks and that they need to be stopped as soon as possible. It is time that we stop seeing innocent people being murdered in such cruel conditions. It is time that we no longer let ourselves be caught in the middle of other people’s fights.






What do you think we should do to protect ourselves from these attacks? How can we prevent such attacks from taking place on US soil? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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